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I have been tagged.
Here are the rules of tag:

-You have to post these rules

-Everyone has to post 10 things about themselves in their journal

-You have to answer the questions your tagger sent you and create 10 more questions for the next person

-Choose 10 people to tag and post it in your journal

-Go to their pages and tell them you tagged them

-No tag backs

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Ten things about me:
1. Some time ago I bought a 200 pages A6 notepad and I very like to write down my thoughs there. I write down plans, dreams, ideas or I just 'talk with myself', lol

2. Last time I way more like to read books then play video games. I read at least 45 minutes everyday.

3. Yesterday I put my money to bank on 2.8%. Not much but its better then nothing. I like to think what can I do to make my money growth.

4. Waking up is a pain for me right now (in the past it wasnt a problem). So I set an alarm in my cell phone and I've a promise that after alarm I dont come back to bed, I force myself to stay awake - its a pain but at least its something pro.

5. When I go out and I have some physical effort (for example cycling) then later I feel that I love to draw more - becouse I can draw in warm, comfortable apartment and I dont need to have physical efforts while drawing. Physical effort motivate me to draw.

6. I plan to make a serie of short, 4 or 5 panel manga about my OC Yoko. It will be about Yoko when she were a little girl.

7. I'm proud from statistics of my gallery. Its hollow I guess but I'm glad that I've almost 400 watchers, 33.000 pageviews and above 1000 llamas - my gallery is important asset for me. I want be popular. Economists like statistics :meow:

8. I more like to write with mechanical pencil then with pen. Mechanical pencils feel very arty, we can also push them lightly and write comfortably becouse of that.

9. Sometimes I dream to have a big, lazy dog and sleep with him in bed while hugging him :)

10. I make reminders to dont forget to 'breathe comfortably'. Becouse I've a stupid habit to hold my breath and in this way to gain a lot of stress >_<
So I try to remember to breathe comfortably and freely all the time, in every situation.

I answer for :iconaihamonihinaji: questions:

1. How Much Do you Care about Yourself?
- I guess a lot. I discipline myself and force myself to learn and practice new things. I want to succeed and realize my dreams one day. I force myself to dont be lazy, lol

2. What kind of Thing that you cant survive without seeing it in a day?
- my diary. Everyday I need to write something, make a reminder, plan something for later...

3. Favorite People?
- my penfriends.

4. Favorite Vocaloid? if you dont know what's Vocaloid, Favorite Character?
- Miku. But I like also Rin and Haku

5. What do you think about me in the time we first talked, chat, or comment each other
- sorry, I dont remember that first comment >_< But I sure liked your arts becouse I watched :)

6. When did you start Drawing?
- I was a little kid and then I started to draw simple comics. Later I was drawing with my younger brother, I was making simple comics about foxes and he was making about badgers.

7. Favorite Season?
- Winter :snowflake:

8. Favorite Food, Drink and dessert?
- food: Spaghetti
drink: sugarfree green tea
dessert: dark chocolate.

9. If you were kidnap with your friend and you get to choose who will be killed, who would you kill Your Friend or You?
- I wont know until it happens.

10. If your friend says she's a monster while crying, what will you say to make her feel better?
- that she is my friend no matter what.

Questions from me :
1. Do you feel guilty while eating snacks in night time (empty calories)?

2. Do you more like to read stories or write own stories?

3. When you go around shopping mall and look on products then usually you end looking or buying them?

4. Can you cook a meal which you like a lot?

5. Which video game from childhood brings you back a nice memories?

6. What is your fav animal?

7. Do you make a New Years resolutions?

8. Write a quote which you like or you think its smart (it can be from book or from TV, or from game...)

9. How much money you would need to have to say 'Now I'm rich. Muhahahahaha' xD

10. How would you name a puppy?

I tag (but if those people dont need to do this tag then dont do it. I dont want to force anyone)
1. :iconjariusgargoyle:
2. :iconchiharuharu:
3. :icon1angellove1:
4. :icondaydreamer5656:
5. :iconagateczka21:
6. :iconmining-for-vodka:
7. :iconshellz-art:
8. :iconshirokyandii:
9. :iconpaintwick:
10. :iconnekokisshulover:
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Vocaloid
  • Reading: Le Père Goriot
  • Watching: videos from video games
  • Playing: Tomb Raider
  • Eating: oranges
  • Drinking: Pepsi (leftovers from holiday)


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current residence: Poland
Favourite genre of music: jpop, piano music
Operating system: Windows 7
e-mail adress:

Favourite anime character: Hatsune Miku

Fav color ranking:
1) blue
2) white
3) orange

Fav snack: dark chocolate
Fav drink: green tea
Fav season: winter

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