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Hello :wave:

I'm very happy and pumped up because this weekend there will be a huge celebration time for me - there will be my favourite sports event in the world. The 24 hour car race in Le Mans, in France. Its something I wait for whole year.
Its the most important car race in the world, the dream of actually every fan of cars. I personally love it and I'm a huge fan. I dream to travel there once in the future. This race is taking place once in the year and its a real top of car racing. Its like Olympics or football world championships but for car fans (I personally never liked football, always cars :p )
Last year there was 270'000 people in Le Mans, watching the race live. Its almost 6 times more people than lives in my town x_x Everybody loves that race, its something very special.…

This race have started in 1923, it have almost 100 years of tradition. I love to look on evolution of cars while analyzing Le Mans through years. The evolution of cars, of technology, of design, the changes in trends. The top inventions were designed for that race, later going further to the normal cars. Though some people may say the same thing about F1 and rallies...
Many companies have created their legend in Le Mans, for example Porsche, Bugatti... Also Ferrari and McLaren but I think Formula 1 was more important for them.

I sure wont stand whole 24 hours in front of TV screen though I would like. Once I stood 20 hours but never 24. Anyway its so incredibly exciting, its so wonderful event. Its not just a typical car race like they are happening every week. Here its the top of technology, of performance... Hybrid engines, ultra LED lights, eletric mechanisms which gather the power when car is braking and later its possible to use that power for extra boost... This race shows the future, here we can see the cars of tomorrow. Those cars are incredible, they're like spaceships created for car racing. Companies, engineers and drivers are living for this one race, for this one 24 hours, its a very big thing.

Last year was so dramatic. Toyota from many years is fighting to win in Le Mans, with their LMP1 cars. But they couldnt stand the competition with Audi, Peugeot and Porsche. Last year Toyota was doing perfectly! They was in the lead. After all those years finally a victory for Toyota - but no! 6 minutes before finish the leading Toyota got broken and not completed the race. Image that - 24 hours of race, leading position and 6 minutes before end the tragic breakdown. And Porsche won.
There was more of this kind of stories in history of Le Mans. There are millions of dollars behind every car, hard work of many people, whole life of education and experiance to finally be able to start in Le Mans, this race is a dream of life for most of race drivers, mechanics and car fans... So its a huge pain when this dream ends so brutally. Every Le Mans contains also this kind of personal tragedies.

Few facts about Le Mans if you're interested:
- Le Mans race takes 24 hours but there are 3 drivers in every team. They can change as much they want. Nobody ever finished Le Mans driving alone. There was one driver who was trying but he passed out and he couldnt complete the race

- the maximum reached speed in Le Mans was 406 km/h!! (252 mph)

- there is only one woman starting in Le Mans 2017. In the past I remember there was more female drivers, there was an only female team in Le Mans 2 years ago, they has such a cool Dodge Viper but it burned down, lol. It actually happens sometimes

- the youngest driver who started in Le Mans had 16 years. The oldest one had 68 years. They both completed the race

- the most incredible accident in Le Mans (driver was all right after that):…

- there are 4 classes of cars starting in Le Mans:
a) LMP 1 - those are real spaceships in car racing world. Incredible cars which can be used only on race tracks, level of technological advance which overtake everything. Most of mechanisms are huge company secrets and Le Mans race is one of not many occassions to see those machines in motion (normally its all top secret). In cornering there is nothing faster than LMP1's, even Formula 1 cars are slower in corners. Its the top of car technology. Image super expensive top supercars like Ferrari 458 Italia, Lamborghini Aventador, Bugatti Veyron - LMP 1 cars are overtaking those supercars like bicycles, without any problems. You can go 330 km/h in Ferrari and LMP1 car will overtake you so easly and so quickly like you would go on first gear. Hard to belive there are this fast machines in real world. Its completly different league.
I personally love how modern LMP1 cars looks like, like something from the future. Though my best friend Shelly says they look horrible O_O Here is an example of modern LMP1 car (right now they all look similar to that concept):…
In the past (like 40-50 years ago) the typical LMP1 car was looking like that: robbreportedit.files.wordpress…
LMP1 means Le Mans Prototype class 1, if somebody is curious.

b) LMP 2 - those are similar cars to LMP 1 but a bit slower, a bit weaker. Still much stronger and faster than supercars. Here is an example of LMP2 car:…

c) GT Pro - LMP 1 and LMP 2 cars are something impossible to see or drive in real world. Cars like that exsists but they're an impossible dream. While GT cars are those which we can see sometimes on real roads. Cars like Porsche 911, Ferrari 488, Aston Martin Vantage, Chevrolet Corvette... Right now there is not so much of GT cars in Le Mans. There is no McLaren anymore, no Audi R8, no Dodge Viper, no Lamborghini... Oh - but there is new Ford GT, it was always my favourite American car :love: Its 3rd generation of that great car and it appeared one year ago without any informations - it was a huge suprise. And it won in own category.
GT cars are something what we can drive in real world, which we can buy one day. They are not cheap but they're possible. And to drive them its enough to have a normal driving license.

d) GT AM - its a class of the GT cars but driven by "amateur" drivers. If I remember well then for GT Pro category you must have a platinum racing license. And to GT AM its enough to have a bronze one. Of course in Le Mans there are no amateur drivers but actually everyone can start here. Its enough to have a basic racing license and team and a car. How easy is that? :D There is for example one surgeon who starts in Le Mans. He is a doctor, not a race driver but he starts here with a team. He is rich enough so he starts.

(those categories can be named differently in various years but generally they always means the same thing)

Here you can see few photos of interesting and legendary cars from Le Mans, you sure seen many of them already on posters (Le Mans have almost 100 year history so its only few examples):

- Ford GT40 -…

- new Ford GT -…

- Audi R8 -…

- McLaren F1 LM - speedhunters-wp-production.s3.…

- Porsche 917K -…

- Mercedes 300 SL -…

- Delta Wing -…

The Le Mans race track (actually its named Circuit de la Sarthe) is one of the most important this kind of objects in the world. Probably the most important one. (though the most difficult track is sure Nurburgring in Germany). I dream so much to visit that place at least once in life. And I sure will, France is not that far away from me :)…

(Wow, there is now a training before Le Mans and Toyota driver just beaten the lap record. The best time ever. Maybe this time Toyota will finally win? Only once in almost 100 years of Le Mans history the Asian team have won. And it was Mazda if I remember well.
This year because of no Audi I'll support Porsche factory. But my good heart hopes the Toyota will win :D )

By the way - if you are fans of Le Mans too, what are your favourite models from Le Mans history?
And dont tell me Formula 1 is better or F1 cars are faster, or the F1 cars sounds better - you wont convince me :D
I dont want to argue with Formula 1 fans. There is always a battle between Le Mans fans and F1 fans. We can talk whole day are LMP1 cars better or F1 cars... I can agree the F1 races was very interesting in 70's, 80's and partly 90's. But now F1 races are just boring, its hard to watch them. Nothing is happening, once per 30 minutes somebody is trying to overtake somebody. And one tiny touch to wall or to other car and F1 car is completly broken. I cant watch F1 - its too boring. While Le Mans is so exciting, all the time something is happening :love:
And its obvious the Le Mans cars have much better sounds of the engines :meow: F1 engines are impossible to listen for me - they're just painful x_x How anyone can like the F1 engine sounds? Its like enjoying the drill :D

I heard so many funny and true stories about Le Mans. Like for example about husbands or boyfriends who wanted to watch football but they couldnt - because wives or girlfriends was watching Le Mans in TV, whole 24 hours :D This is cute the girls are enjoying car racing and they watch the Le Mans too. How they know a lot about race cars, about rules, or for example why various vane turbochargers are better than old ones... There are so many women who are car racing fans and 24 hours Le Mans fans, and its completly normal and natural. Its an obvious advantage over football :D
I try to watch Le Mans whole day, whole night every year. I remember how one year ago I was watching Le Mans whole night - I know there are so many people who dont sleep and they watch the same race right now. They try to stay whole 24 hours, just like me. Men, women - everybody follow the race. This one weekend car fans dont sleep at all. I see the sun is rising in Le Mans and I do check is also already sunrise in my country :D
Football fans may watch all matches of championship but car fans are trying to watch whole 24 hours of Le Mans live. It have fantastic atmosphere, its so cool and crazy to try not sleep whole 24 hours. And really millions of people are trying to do this every year - few hundred thousands of them in France and many millions on whole world in front of TV screens.
This is so beautiful how this race unite millions of people around the world, that one weekend they dont sleep and they try to catch every minute from those 24 hours race. There is no other sports event which would do that. Also no other car race, no Dakar, no Monte Carlo, no F1 - only Le Mans.

And after sleepless night every collission, every crash in Le Mans is making me react so emotionally - its like a small heart break :D Especially when I see onboard camera of LMP1 cars when they drive in night - everything is happening so fast, everything is so dark. All the time I have impression they will crash any minute. I watch it like a horror movie - such a pressure all the time :) But instead of monster there is an Aston Martin appear out of nowhere and there's an emergancy brake x_x

This will be my first Le Mans with driving license - so its almost like I would drive there too, haha :D
I'll try to stay whole 24 hours this year, not just 20 hours. If you will have an occassion then also try to watch at least a part of it. This weekend, starts at 3pm of central European summer time, saturday. In Europe you can watch on Eurosport, live.

Have a good weekend! :wave:

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